COVID-19 : Caregivers at the center of the second wave


Wednesday, November 18th 15:15 - 16:15 (Swiss time)



Already under heavy pressure in the spring, the staff of care structures find themselves in extremely difficult situations during the second wave of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Patient care requires an extremely extensive care network both in the city and in the hospital, involving a complex set of professionals (doctor, nurse, laboratory technician, ambulance driver, care assistant, physiotherapist, etc.) and family carers.

The nursing staff, who are in great demand, are themselves exposed to the risk of contamination despite the respect of the barrier gestures that have been put in place. Like everyone else, these staff are also affected in the day-to-day running of their personal lives.

In spite of the HR reinforcement measures taken during the summer, the second wave arrives when staff are tired and the departments are faced with significant absenteeism due to staff infected with Covid or burn-out.

As staff are at the heart of care, it is essential to explore all possible measures to deal with this unprecedented situation.



Barbara Rau

Barbara Rau
Formatrice à la Heaute Ecole de Santé de Genève



Marie Laure Carballo

Marie-Laure Carballo-Ehrler
Nurse leader of Care team, Geneva University Hospitals (HUG)

Jean Francois Corty

Jean Francois Corty
Clinical doctor, former Director of Operations of Medecins du Monde, medical coordinator of a covid center for precarious populations in Paris

Vincent Grattard

Vincent Grattard
Human Resources Deputy Director, Institution genevoise de Maintien A Domicile (IMAD)

Kigouk Amir

Amir Kigouk
Human Resources Deputy Director, Geneva University Hospitals (HUG)